The Apologia Project

Using the power of satirical AI -generated media to create awareness about the climate emergency.

Using a new medium of expression to highlight the most important issue of our time.

Our goal is to use satirical AI-generated media to increase the awareness about the climate emergency that is already impacting our lives. We believe the creative potential of AI unlocks a new form of storytelling, and that AI can be used to create satirical synthetic videos which can make a positive contribution in the global effort to address climate change. Through this new form of (AI-enabled) art, we aim to issue unsettling reminders to global leaders and other influential personalities about their responsibility to address the climate emergency.

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Apologia Satirical Synthetic Videos

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As AI-based media generation and editing tools become democratized, they hold immense creative potential but also many risks.

One of Alethea AI’s primary goals is to democratize the creative potential of AI while ensuring that it is used to create engaging and compelling use cases of trusted synthetic media.

Experience the power of participatory storytelling

With the help of our tech partner Alethea AI, our supporters can choose how our project evolves and which Apologia Satirical Synthetic Videos get made.

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Participate In The Fight Against Climate Change

Donate to the NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund by Celeste Barber

As the fires have raged on across Australia, the bravery and selflessness of the firefighters protecting their fellow citizens has been on display for all of us to see. While the world leaders come to realize the importance of doing something about climate change, we must stand together as global citizens to help those impacted by it. Let us donate to the fundraiser started by Celeste Barber and be there for those in need of our help.